Manage The Court Process.

What is probate?

Probate is the process by which the Court supervises the distribution of a deceased individuals assets in accordance with the terms of their will, or if there was no will, according to the laws of intestate succession.

What is the role of the attorney in the probate process?

Upon the death of a loved one, it can be a hardship for grieving family members to have to deal with some of the many aspects of Probate, including filing the Petition for Probate, preparing the Inventory and Appraisal, filing the Federal Estate Tax Form, and preparing a Final Accounting and filing it along with a Petition for Final Distribution. These are the types of tasks we can assist with to alleviate some of the pressure on the family, personal representative and/or administrator during this difficult time.

Does every estate need to go through probate?

Generally, in California any estate over $166,250 which is not held in trust must go through probate.

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